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Zinc For Acne

The Use of Zinc For Acne Treatment

Picture of a Acne Free Face after Zinc Treatment Recently, there has been various types of medications that were proven to be great at treating acne. One of the more controversial ones is the use of Zinc for acne. Based on some studies, zinc can treat acne by weakening the immune system. Of course, no one wishes to have weakened immune system just to have an acne-free skin, right? Well, there are few studies which have discovered a new type of zinc compound that is effective in clearing acne without weakening the immune system. This said zinc type is said to be a lot more effective as compared to the others.

How Zinc Works

Before we get to that, let us first take a look at how zinc works against acne. Zinc fights off acne by fighting the skin inflammation that it brings upon. When we talk about acne, the redness, swelling and itching is not brought upon by an acne bacteria. Instead, this is the usual result of inflammation . The only role of acne bacteria is that they release chemicals which are called as chemotaxins which will trigger the inflammation, allowing the bacteria to escape from the skin. In turn, the immune system produce inflammation in order to counteract th3 inflammation even though the bacteria is already dead. During this time, the immune system have no idea which that the healthy skin is also being destroyed in the process.

A lot of dermatologists have discovered a vaccine that will help in reducing the inflammation that is produced by your white blood cells. If you do not wish to take the vaccine, one good alternative is the consumption of zinc. This substance helps in reducing the production of a stress hormone called corticotropin releasing factor or CRF, leading to a reduction in inflammation. Zinc also helps clear acne in these ways:

  • Due to the reduction in the production of corticotropin releasing factor, people will be less likely to experience outbreaks even when they are stressed.
  • Zinc also helps in making the lining of pores thicker by stopping the growth signals.
  • Zinc also reduces the production of oil located at the base of face pores.
  • Zinc impedes the release of histamine, a substance which inflames your pores.

Zinc can provide your skin with all these amazing benefits and your acne will surely clear up in no time.

Introducing Zinc Ascorbate

A lot of people are saying that zinc ascorbate is the most potent and effective zinc compound in fighting acne. This zinc compound comes with an ascorbate 'part', which is a high pH form of vitamin C. What makes this compound a lot more effective is the fact that ascorbic acid or vitamin C has the ability to absorb free radicals oxygen. In turn, this radicals are prevented from damaging healthy tissues. Vitamin C also helps in absorbing oxidizing agents, preventing skin inflammation from occurring.

With this amazing combination, acne will no longer be a problem. You will not have to be bothered about inflammation and skin irritation anymore.