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Diet and Acne

The Connection Between Diet and Acne

Picture of a diet and acne Acne manifest in our skin in different ways. It may come as whiteheads, blackheads, pustules or pimples. A lot of people think that acne affects only the people in their adolescent stage or puberty. However, this is not true. In fact, there are a lot of people in their thirties, forties and fifties who are being affected by acne too.

Acne is quite controversial and there are lots acne myths that are circulating around. According to some, the occurrence of acne is greatly connected to the diet of a person. It is also said that there are certain foods that may increase the condition of acne. While this may sound reasonable, a lot of health professionals are claiming that this notion is just a myth.

Is it really a myth? Or is there some sense of truth in this diet and acne notion? Well, let's find out by taking a look at some of the information given below.

Before, a lot of people have conducted studies testing about the connection of acne and diet and all these tests have proved that there is really no connection between diet and acne. However, recent studies are showing otherwise. The present studies showed that the previous studies conducted have some various flaws in the process utilized. So, what are the recent studies saying? Here it is.

According to recent studies, there are two things that cause acne-- it is either inflammation or a fluctuation in the blood sugar level of our body. The connection of acne and diet comes in on the second factor. As we all know, our diet greatly affects the blood sugar levels of our body and that is the greatest connection between acne and diet. Diet is also said to be related with inflammation.

  • Increase or decrease in blood sugar levels. There are times when a person overeats and once he does, there is a great tendency that he will not be able to burn all the calories from the food he ate. When this calories are not burned, it will eventually turn into fats. Because of this, the person will gain weight and insulin resistance will occur. This condition will then result to an increase or decrease in the body's blood sugar levels which will then lead to acne breakouts.
  • Inflammation. You may think that inflammation and diet are not related to each other but that is wrong. There are actually some type of foods which has the ability to promote inflammation in the body. The type of foods that can increase inflammation include dairy products, sugars and processed foods. Also, some foods contain preservatives, colorants and other chemicals which can promote inflammation. If a person is allergic to some kind of food, such as milk and dairy products, inflammation will also take place.

If you wish to avoid acne breakouts, it is best that you eat a healthy and balanced diet. As much as you can, try to avoid foods that have the tendency to cause acne. Overeating as well as eating fatty foods should be prevented.